Birds are the last surviving dinosaurs.

There was a time when I was growing up that a bird had flown into the big window we had in our living room.We put the bird in a box with a towel in it and brought it into the house. Though concerned by the fact that the bird was hurt, I was excited about keeping the bird as a pet. I even gave it a name and decided that it could stay in the box next to my bed. When my mother walked into the room she told us to take the bird outside. She didn’t want it flying all over the house. “Besides”, she said, “This bird was born to be free not to be a pet.” As soon as we got outside, the sun shined in the box. The bird sat up looked around and then flew away into the endless sky above.

The bird flew into my window because it could not tell the difference from the real sky and a reflection. In life we have situations  arise that seem to be okay, but they end up being set backs and at times we get hurt or someone we care about gets hurt. Like the bird we too are born to be free, and with the warmth of God’s love and His endless mercy we will learn to fly again.

My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the Rock and firm Strength of my heart and my Portion forever.
Psalms 73:26 (AMP)


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