God’s Acre

     I close my eyes, and allow my mind to wander through the days gone by. A place where the birds sing as the wind dances through the trees. With the day far spent, I am sitting on the sundeck at my home on Idlewood Drive. The sun is hiding behind the trees that take up most of the back yard. The swimming pool is still except for the occasional bug dipping in the water.  As if a veil had been lifted, I begin to see what was really going on in my memory. The pool became a pond, and I see Mr. Nobblenod sitting on his favorite lily pad singing as the sun disappeared behind the trees. Nutty Buddy and his friends are chasing each other through the trees just beyond the pond. Nutty Buddy is really fast! Down by the creek I see Trusty and Ricky playing in the water, while Rayma is perched on the old tree that hangs over the creek waiting for the sun to set. Oh, and there’s Robyn chatting with Cloe the butterfly! They are easy to spot with those silly hats they wear. I also see Freddy and his friends getting ready for the long night ahead of them. But where is Co…, Oh there he is! Cody and Pong yo are helping themselves to some berries from the very berry bush. “You might want to save some of those berries Cody. I hear that if you eat them before bedtime you will be up all night!” I said as I turned and went into the house. Maybe tomorrow we will play freeze tag or go on an adventure in other parts of God’s acre, I mused as I lock the door behind me.


One day Trusty and some of his friends, Ricky and Cody, where playing freeze tag. As they ran around “freezing” each other Cody tripped and fell into the bushes. “Hey, watch out!” Freddy yelled. “I’m sorry!” exclaimed Cody as he jumped out of the bushes and looked around. “Where are you?” “I’m right in front of you!” shouted Freddy. Cody looked closer at the bush in front of him. There on a limb just under the leaves stood a tiny bug. “Hey guys come and see this bug I have found!” shouted Cody. Trusty and Ricky joined Cody in front of the bush. “I’m Trusty, what is your name?” “My name is Freddy. I am a fire fly NOT a bug!” he grumbled. “I don’t see any fire!” said Ricky as he looked around the bush. “Why are you hiding in the bushes?” asked Cody. Freddy sat on the limb hoping they would leave him alone. He was sad because the sun was so bright no one could see his light. “Would you like to come and play with us?” Trusty asked. Well…I don’t know.” “Come on it will be fun!” Ricky interrupted as he shook the branch Freddy was on. “Okay!” Freddy exclaimed as he leaped into the air. “Catch me if you can!” he added and flew away. “Wow he is fast!” exclaimed Cody as they took off running after Freddy through the woods. Over the bushes and down by Mr. Nobblnod’s pond and back up into the forest they ran not paying any attention to how late it had become. When they stopped to rest, Ricky looked around, “It sure is getting dark around here! How are we going to get back home?” Ricky was afraid of the dark. Just then a light appeared over their heads. “I can help you get home!” Freddy exclaimed with new found excitement. “Wow look at Freddy!” shouted Cody “Cool!” Trusty chimed in. “So that’s what a fire fly is!” Ricky added. Freddy flew in front of his new friends and helped them find their way home. “Good night Trusty, Cody and Ricky!” Freddy said as he flew away looking for others who were lost in the dark.

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