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Sunrise through the clouds

Image by Betchaboy via Flickr

The day began as it always did, with sounds of the town’s merchants setting up shop while others headed to the water front, to see what the fishermen caught the night before. As they gathered on the shore someone shouted, “Jesus, the great teacher is coming!” The word of his arrival soon spread through the entire town, and people started crowding the beach to see him.

In a small house down on the waterfront, just outside of town, lived a woman who was very ill. She suffered with an incurable disease for the past twelve years. Each day she would come and sit at the door and watch the activities on the beach. She had long since abandoned any hope of getting well again; for the doctors, despite their best efforts, could not find a cure for her hemorrhaging. As she sat there she pondered, who this “great teacher” is everyone was flocking to the beach to see.

Her neighbor, seeing her sitting there questioned her, “Aren’t you going to go see the man who people say is sent from God?”

“Why do people believe in such a thing?” the woman responded.

“Well, I’ve heard demons come out of people when he shows up. My brother said when he went to the city last week, he saw Jesus heal a blind man who was sitting on the side of the road.”

“Is that right?” she inquired.

“I heard He even raised a widow’s son from the dead over in the town of Nain!” she added.  The woman listened as people continued to pass them. “I’ve heard some people claim this man to be the Messiah!” the neighbor said as she joined the crowd heading to the shore,  she too wanted to see the man everyone in town is talking about.

When Jesus stepped out of the boat, a ruler of the synagogue whose name was Jairus, came and fell at his feet. With words filled with tears and anguish, he pleaded, “Rabbi, please come to my house, my daughter lay dying, she is only twelve years old.  I know you have the power given to you from God to heal, please come!” Jesus reached down and helped the child’s father to his feet, “I will go with you” he answered.

The woman watched the people act like a crazed mob swarming around Jesus to touch him as they began walking toward Jairus’ house. She knew of the rabbi’s daughter being ill, and considered the weight of this man Jesus’ reputation with such a man as Jairus.  She also recalled what her neighbor said to her earlier.

“He healed the blind man” she thought to herself. Just then, a ray of hope sprang up in her heart. She slowly raised herself up from the place she was sitting and started pushing through the crowd with all her might. She kept her eyes on Jesus, because she saw him not as a prophet or a teacher, but as her healer.

“If I can touch him I know I will be healed,” she kept thinking over and over as she pressed through the wall of people. Coming up behind Jesus she reached out with trembling hands and touched the hem of his cloak. As quickly as lightning flashes across the sky, the power of God moved through the woman’s body, restoring her to perfect health.

“Who touched me?” Jesus said as he gazed into the crowd. The people grew quiet and where puzzled at the question he asked.

“Master,” Peter said, “The people are crowding and pressing against you.”  “I felt power flow out from me,” Jesus said as he looked at the people gathered around him.

Knowing she could not keep silent any longer, the woman came and fell trembling at the feet of Jesus. The people stood in silent amazement, for they recognized the woman as being the one who was sick for the past twelve years. In their presence she explained to Jesus why she touched him, and how she had been instantly healed. Jesus helped the woman to her feet, “Daughter, your faith has healed you, go in peace.”

Jairus was encouraged by what he just witnessed with the woman and her being healed, because he knew how long she had been sick. “My daughter is twelve years old. Surely Jesus will heal her too!” he thought to himself. While Jesus was still speaking to the woman, the crowd parted and two men approached Jairus with word of his daughter’s death. The message they brought tore into his heart, gouging out the hope that was in him.

When Jesus heard the news, he turned and fixed his gaze on Jairus to encourage him, “Don’t be afraid, just believe and she will be healed.”  Fighting back the tears, Jairus took Jesus to his house. When they arrived, the house was full of people wailing and mourning for the little girl. “Stop weeping! The child is just asleep!” Jesus commanded.  With that the mourners started to laugh at him, for they believed she was dead. “Leave this place now, you of little faith!” Jesus exclaimed. After they left, Jesus only allowed Peter, James, John and the child’s parents to come in with him, as they approached the place where the little girl’s body lay. Jairus took his wife’s hand as she cried silently. Jesus knelt down next to the body and gently took her hand and said, “Little girl, I say to you get up!” Immediately, her spirit returned to her body and she stood up as she looked into the eyes of her healer.

“My daughter lives!” exclaimed the child’s mother whose tears of sorrow turned into tears of joy. “Give her some food” Jesus said as the parents embraced their daughter. As Jesus turned to leave he cautioned them, “Do not tell anyone how her life was saved.”

For the Lord takes pleasure in His people; He will beautify the humble with salvation and adorn the wretched with victory.                                                                                                              Psalms 149:4 (AMP)

This a narrative of:  Mark 5:21-43 (Amp), Luke 8:40-56 (AMP)